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What We Do

An online art doll & reborn registry, the only one of its kind. Members can upload their work into our Registries
as part of a permanent public record to prove ownership, authenticity & uniqueness.

Membership Benefits

Themed Quarterly Member Shows

Participate in online quarterly judged Member shows for cash prizes. Winners will be eligible as nominees to win the Year End Awards! Shows are judged by a panel of well known, industry-leading artists & members of IADR!

Year-End Awards

We give annual awards (Year-End Awards) for Artist of the Year, Doll of the Year, Rising Star, President’s Choice and Overall Best in Shows in Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional categories!

Mentorship Collaboration

Get a sculpting Mentor who will guide you, answer your questions and be there for you throughout your sculpting journey!

Website & Logo Creation

As a Member you get to have an artist website and logo (if needed) created for you, if you don’t already have one or want a new one, for FREE!

Artist Promotion!

Have your artwork that’s for sale promoted and shared on IADR’s official Twitter, Facebook & Instagram accounts for further exposure on your artwork.

'Member Spotlight' Interviews

Have a chance to be featured in our Member Spotlight with a video interview posted to out social media accounts for promotion/exposure.

Inclusive OOAK Art Community

We have artists of ALL skill levels from “never having sculpted” to professionals. We are an amazing starting point to network with other artists and most importantly, learn, evolve & improve your sculpting skills to the heights you desire.

Only One of Its Kind

Register your work at IADR’s Artdoll & Reborn Registries, the only one of its kind in existence, to protect your copyright and your OOAK authenticity as part of a permanent public record.

Support & Encouragement

We exist for our Members! We have amazing artists that will help guide you, answer your questions, support & encourage you and be there for you throughout your sculpting journey!

Permeating Art Dolls

IADR is a worldwide organization of figurative doll artists coming together for the exposure & promotion of unique and original One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) figurative art dolls. We want this art form to reach as many people as possible.

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Members Say It Best!

Thank you so much Frey and Miss Deb for everything! IADR has always been a wonderful experience for me and through all your support I have learned so much to develop my talent. Stay safe! Love you! 🤗 ❤️

Thalia A.G.W., Thalia Woolbright Art

“For me, International Art Doll Registry is very important because I like to register my dolls. I need to be able to make sure that nobody is going to copy them, so for me it’s very important to keep that registry. And then what I loved most of the website and the organization is they are always cheering you up. It’s very good when you feel down about your art. You need people who are telling you that you should keep making art. So for me it’s very important to be in an organization like this.

The other thing I love a lot are the tutorials! I love the free tutorials; I’ve seen them all, I’ve read them all and I’m using them in my artwork so it’s very great!”

Leandra B., Vasilisa's Dolls

“Joining the IADR family has given me the chance to meet gifted artists, who became good friends, from all over the world. The IADR has made a significant difference in my art life. I have seen myself blossomed and I am so proud that I am a part of this family.”

“International Art Doll Registry was intimidating to me in the beginning before I joined. I thought it was only for professional artists and not until I joined did I see it was an incredible place to be, learn and grow in. IADR has so many quality people/artists that are very giving, caring and helpful towards each other. I’ve evolved so much and experienced a lot being part of this community. This community is a beacon of light for those looking for guidance, a sense of belonging and a place to grow as a person and Artist. My hope is that IADR can be the same for many more artists to come.”

“When I entered IADR, for me, it was like having realized a little dream. IADR for me is an enchanted world, full of fairies, mermaid and magical creatures. IADR is the world that i would like ❤”

“Being part of IADR has helped me to be a recognized artist. Contests allow you to introduce to other artists, and it contributes to a wide dissemination of the artist’s work. Thanks to Deb Wood and Fredo for the hard work of keeping this great community alive.”

“When I started sculpting fairies four years ago, I felt like an inexperienced stranger in a magical realm. But IADR guided me along the way.

Their fantastic tips, tutorials and awesome competitions helped me to grow every day. They took me in their warm family of artists. It feels like I came home.”

“Being part IADR was, for me, a moment of sharing and growth, but above all it was the contests that allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and try to overcome fears and limitations… IADR helped me a lot and continues to help me. Thanks IADR!”

“When I started with IADR I was in LOVE with all the learning that could be done. All the tutorials, and the wonderful artists at all levels. You can learn something from each and every one.“

“It is now almost 6 years since my first doll -MISS N ° 1 – but the passion and love for this OOAK world has remained unchanged. I discovered it by chance and by chance I came across this fantastic community that IADR is, founded by the incredible DEB WOOD. IADR has played the major role in my birth and growth as an artist. Thanks to the free TUTORIALS and the classes provided to us Members, I was able to improve my skill and above all I was able to know many basic and advanced techniques to create better products. In this community, moreover I’ve found deep and lasting friendships that mean a lot to me .
I must say that Deb manages to send us her great LOVE for this world and does everything to keep this community united updating us with all the news she can share. Her role and her figure are fundamental to me.
For me there can not be the word OOAK without thinking about IADR.”

Barbara de G., BDG Dreams Come True

“I entered the world of IADR in small steps. Every day there are wonderful artists and each of them make their creatures come to life! Confronting challenges makes you grow. I love this OOAK IADR world! Thanks!”

“Hi I am Laura la Fauci, doll maker. When I started sculpting I was a bit lost, my knowledge was minimal. Then I heard about IADR, a large community of people doing what I was doing. I entered but it was a test. I discovered that IADR is not just a Registry.

I started entering the shows that immediately stimulated me to give me best in show works, and I enjoyed watching the progress I was making. But the most beautiful thing was the interaction between people making lots of friendships with very nice and kind people.

To International Art doll Registry and Deb Wood I owe a lot of my growth to!”

Laura la F., OOAK Fantasy World
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