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  • Ships from: United States
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(This is a piece of art that should only be displayed and is not meant to be played with. This is not a toy.)



Sold & Made by Member Artist: Kim McCool


Rani – Sing a Song

Meet Rani. Her name means “she is singing”. Sitting 5 inches tall, she is entirely sculpted from a custom blend of polymer clay, her features are painted using Genesis heat-set paints. Rani’s gown is a blue and gold cotton tapestry material. Lace trims and micro-beads embellish her dress; hair is viscose, the gold crown has a faux ruby cabochon. She sits on a Tudor-style chair with a royal blue and gold cushion, playing a 1:12 scale lute. The lute comes with its own case (not pictured).


  • Base Size: 1 3/4 inches
  • Art Doll Size: 5 inches
  • Materials Used: Heat-Set Paints, Polymer Clay (all types)


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