Dewin, the Wizard

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IADR Number: (for authenticity) IADR# 20202937

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(This is a piece of art that should only be displayed and is not meant to be played with. This is not a toy.)

Sold & Made by Member Artist: Lesley Duthie


Dewin is a wizard taken from his world and transported to a new and magical realm. Read more about him.

Dewin is a One-of-a-Kind hand crafted and painted porcelain doll. His height is ​16 1/2 inches tall from the top of his hood to the bottom of his gown. He holds a crystal ball that glows with an inner light of a Dragon’s head and has a belt with one key, a protective gem stone and a rose icons around his waist. Included comes a doll stand as he has a soft poseable body with porcelain head and hands. A battery pack is hidden in his shirt which can be easily accessible to turn his glow on or off as desired that enhances the magic of the crystal ball.


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