Awena the Mystic

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  • IADR Number: (for authenticity) IADR# 20202936
  • Sold By Member: Lesley Duthie
  • Shipping Cost: Already included in price

(This sculpture is a piece of art that should only be displayed and is not meant to be played with or excessively handled. This is not a toy. Pricing includes shipping)


Awena is a member of the Order of Sleeping Sisters. She works with dreams and also the Language of the Flowers. Read more about her at https://www.misplacedolls.com/awena.html

Awena is a One-of-a-Kind hand crafted and painted porcelain doll. Her height is ​12 1/2 inches tall sitting in her lotus position (to the top of her crown). She has the moon element woven into her lace crown which is enhanced with hand beaded jewelry. She has a hair netting of the night sky with stars winking in it for the backing of the crown and shawl. Included with her comes a doll stand as she has a soft poseable body with porcelain head and hands.


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