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Studio Name | Sandra Espinosa OOAK ‘n Craft
Sculpting Since |  2013
IADR Mentor |  None Chosen
Preferred Genre | Fantasy
Preferred Medium | Polymer Clay
Speaks | Spanish, English (written only)
Other Talents | Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Kawaii maker
Location | Spain
Official Website | Sandra Espinosa OOAK ‘n Craft
eBay | Etsy | Blog | 2nd Instagram

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Sandra Espinosa Moreira

Sandra Espinosa OOAK ‘n Craft

Artist’s Tutorials

How to make a OOAK art doll

How to make a Witch’s wings

Artistic Accomplishments

Winner, Advanced Category, 2017

Satyr & Nymph

Winner, Novice Category, 2015

Fairy Sweet Dreams

Winner, Professional Category, 2018

Evil Quenn Sorceress