Sculpting Since |  2002
IADR Mentor |  None Chosen
Preferred Genre | Fantasy
Preferred Medium | Polymer Clay
Speaks | English (but can sing in any language!)
Other Talents | Singing, fiddle player, published author, and cook/baker
Location | Maine, USA

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‘Hawthorne’ Lindsay Smith

Silvermoor Bramble

Artistic Accomplishments

Winner, Intermediate Category, 2019

Elfin Boys & Girls IADR Show

2019 PDMAG Gold Award 3rd Place Winner

Intermediate, Fantasy, Serena the Snow Queen

Featured in 'Ancient Tales & Tongues' 2019 exhibit at

The Fernie Brae, Portland, Oregon, 'Seasons of Self'

Published Author of

'Winter Solstice in Silvermoor Bramble'

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