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Artist Information
Studio Name: Frey’Dez Studios
Sculpting Since: 2011
IADR Mentor: Renata Jansen | Artist Website
Preferred Genre: Fantasy
Preferred Medium: Polymer Clay
Speaks: English, Spanish
Other Talents: Singing, Gymnastics, Drawing
Location: California, United States

Artist Links

Official Website: Frey’Dez Studios
Blogs: WordPress Blog
Social Links: 

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Fredo Declán Hernández

Frey’Dez Studios

Before Raima’s time ended with us she had reached out to Fredo mid 2017 to inform him that he’d be the first artist IADR would feature in its resurrection of the Artist Spotlight. And so in honor of Raima, we will pick up where she left off, with Artist Fredo Hernández.

Another reason we’re starting with Fredo is to get the new layout and format of what the new Spotlight interviews will look and be like so everyone can see an example of what they will be a part of.

Awards & Accomplishments

'Rising Star' Award Nominee, 2014

with International Art Doll Registry

'Rising Star' Award Nominee, 2017

with International Art Doll Registry

Awarded 2017 Annual Gold Award

by The Professional Doll Maker's Art Guild (PDMAGs)

for Artdoll, Hatshepsut

2017 LGBT Certificate of Appreciation

for donating artwork to Orange County's Gay & Lesbian Center

for Annual 2017 Indigo Ball Silent Auction Event

Awarded 2018 'Rock Star!' Award

by Deb Wood and IADR

for Videographer & Administrator Duties

Featured in Autumn 2017 issue

of Art Doll Quarterly's Magazine

Artdoll, Hatshepsut

Work Featured in the Summer 2017 Issue

A for Artistic's eMagazine

My Sculpting Studio & Artdoll Featured

Summer 2016 issue, A for Artistic's eMagazine

Featured in Summer 2018 issue

of A for Artistic's eMagazine

Other Artistic Affiliations

Was Made IADR's Administrator

by Deb Wood, 06/2017!

Appointed Director of Digital Media, 08/26/2016

Professional Doll Maker's Art Guild (no longer affiliated)