Wondering how to be a definite nominee for our annual “Best In Show” Year-End Award?

If you enter and WIN in any one of our Member shows you’re an automatic nominee in the artist level you entered & won (Novice, Intermediate, etc.) Guidelines for the other Year-End Award categories;

  1. Artist of the Year — This artist best represents our group with their artwork AND as a leader in our art community.
  2. Doll of the Year — Chosen for encompassing great technical skill as well as overall appearance and the overall feel and quality of the piece.
  3. Rising Star — Chosen for being someone who is fairly new to our OOAK art world AND is working hard to improve their skills.
  4. President’s Choice — Someone whom we’ve kept an eye on and watched the artist grow, challenge themselves and strive to be the best they can be, plus showing great enthusiasm and support for others too.

Elisabetta Visentini
Artist of the Year

Patrizia Cozzo
Doll of the Year

Wisha Segarra
Rising Star

Jerry Knegtel
President’s Choice

Angela Rinaldi
Best In Show

Alessia Ciccolone
Best In Show

Ilaria Bucchi
Best In Show

Patrizia Cozzo
Best In Show