This is a new IADR development that we’re super excited about for you all! What is it? Glad you asked! These “Mini Challenges” are not judged, there’s no deadlines, no prizes–just challenging FUN all year round!


  • This area will be officially named “Member Galleries”
  • We will have categories or genres that are different, unique, styles we normally don’t create art in.
  • These “categories” will be preloaded for you and you basically choose whichever one you want to challenge yourself with.
  • You create your sculpture in that styling/category and submit it to that gallery category to be displayed.
  • More and more artist will do the same and it will add artistic diversity to our Membership community.
  • It will also challenge us to go out of our artistic comfort zone so that we may evolve and grow not only as an artist but as a human being because challenging ourselves here will spill into the rest of our lives and how we live it on a daily basis.
  • This will expand the horizons of IADR and its incredible Members!
  • Don’t worry! If ‘Babies’ or ‘Mermaids’, etc. are all you make you can still upload those artdolls to these galleries so they too can be promoted! 
Member Art Doll Commissions!

‘Other Art’ Galleries

We value and support our Members and we know that as artists we all tend to create different kinds of art as opposed to sculptors JUST creating sculptures. We also dabble in crafts, painting, photography, scrapbooking, drawing, digital art, etc. These galleries are exclusively dedicated to our Member’s other artistic interests.

NOTE: Although these works aren’t eligible to be registered in our Registry, they’re still here for your viewing pleasure.

Members, Submit Your ‘Other Art’!

Ceramics Gallery

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Drawings Gallery


Embroidery Gallery

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Jewelry Gallery

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Paintings Gallery


Photography Gallery

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Pottery Gallery

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Scrapbooking Gallery

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Writing Gallery

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