This year International Art Doll Registry is changing things up! Instead of  just having 1 theme to sculpt per show, we’re doubling that to 6 total themes!!

Why 6? Instead of having one theme to sculpt per show, we’re now going to give you 2 themes to choose from per show in case you like one theme more than the other so we can have more show participation! So we’ll have 2 themes to choose from in February(2 themes), June(2 themes) & October(2 themes)!

For the October show, join your fellow International Art Doll Registry friends & Members in creating your interpretation of Faeries -or- Merfolk! This can be a male, female, child or any kind of creature just as long as they are clearly Faeries -or- Merfolk. This can be made in whatever medium you create in; polymer clay, porcelain, Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs), 1:12 scale, soft poseable sculptures, monster clay, paper clay, ceramic clay, water-based clay, air-dry clay, oil-based clay, epoxy clay, CX-5 clay. It doesn’t matter what your sculpture/artdoll is made of as long as it’s made entirely by you without the use of commercial molds.

Why Participate In Our Online Shows?

Shows allow you to;

  1. have your work reviewed & critiqued by industry leading artists who are well-known and accomplished in their craft
  2. allowing you the opportunity to get your name out there
  3. network with these amazing artists and the other artists in the Artdoll community
  4. have them provide you with feedback on your artwork so that you may better your artdolls with every piece to be able to get to the level of professionalism you desire.
  5. if you win and are a paying member, you’re automatically a nominee for our ‘Best In Show’ Year-End Award category!
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