Your International Art Doll Registry Show Judges

Hello Members, this excellent article was written by one of our Judges and she explains how the judging process is handled and what your responsibilities are as an entrant. Please take the time to read this as it may help explain our Show process here at International Art Doll Registry. 

Please direct any questions to our Administrator Fredo HernándezThank you!

One Judge’s Perspective

As a Judge I am charged with the responsibility of submitting an unbiased, fair assessment of my fellow member’s artwork.  Primarily, I am judging three major elements.

  • Interpretation — This defines how well the artist executes the actual theme for the show.
  • Technical Acuity — The nuts and bolts, the technical skill and related level of sculpting skill.
  • Overall Appearance — The appearance, quality and overall feel of the entry.

As a Judge I must determine if the above elements have been incorporated into the artist’s entry piece under the rules which govern the competition in each of the categories   Novice, Intermediate and Advanced

Photography — Your photos give me your Judge a chance to get close to your entry. So, the criteria your judged on really is dependent on the angle, clarity, size and positions of your entry photos. The 7 photos the entrant is required to submit are well documented on the IADR Rules page, I cannot judge what is not there or not seen.  It is up to you the entrant to submit your photos exactly as the rules specify.

Bio — This helps me understand the process you have used in naming your entry and how you have interpreted the shows banner and theme description.  A short explanation is all that is needed.


This is the formula that I use for Judging and it is based on three specific areas

(a) assessment — I study your entry piece, in particular your photos and your Bio
(b) comment — I comment on your entry piece, based on how you have achieved the technical skill level, appearance, quality, workmanship and overall appearance of the sculpt, and for the category level you have entered.
(c) scoring — I give you a 1 to 5 scoring number, which is based on the recognition of all of the elements being present in your entry piece.

And finally, I reassess each entry in each category again and if necessary adjust my decision if it is warranted. In doing this I believe it is the fairest and most honest way of carrying out my responsibility to every member who enters the shows.

I hope that this article gives an insight into how the judging is done and will help members who want to participate.   It is an honor and a privilege to be a judge for IADR and I take it very seriously. I hope this article gives you an insight as to how the judging works.

General — When you the artist makes a decision to participate in a specific or future show at whatever level you choose, there is a fountain of knowledge available to you, and it is right at your fingertips on the IADR website.

I would urge all members to utilize and participate regularly on the website. These are the tools which are free to use and invaluable to you for your growth in your artistic journey.  Tutorials to study, Critiques to ask for, Mentors to help your progress, The Forum to interact with other members, Members Only page, Classes, News and so much more.

And always our President Deb who inspires and drives everything tirelessly for the benefit of every member of IADR. There is no other group anywhere out there that I am aware of, that offers its members such a diverse range of ideas or encouragement better than IADR.

Happy sculpting members.

– A Judge.