You no longer need to resize your photos when entering a Member show. That’s only required for the Registry. Submit full-sized photos here to ensure the Judges have the best view of entry and can judge it accurately.

Rules For Entry

Entries must be NEWLY created work (within one year) upon entry into the show. Upon completion, your art may be offered for sale BUT must be entered in the Registry at the time of creation; or prior to entering the show. This will help us document when an artwork was created. Once the piece is Registered, it may be offered for sale, even if this time frame is prior to the opening of that show.

Our show themes are announced ahead of time so this will allow members to work in advance of a show and give them enough time to complete their entries, register the artwork, sell the piece and then enter the show when it opens. This is to ensure that the entry is the current work of the artist and not artwork from their past body of work.

Rules for photos

  1. Please DO NOT add text on the photos as they will need to be judged anonymously
  2. Crop out extra background so we can see more of your sculpt
  3. No collages, single view images only with the exception of the WIP view, there you may have a collage image if desired.
  4. Include all required views;
    1. front, left, right, back, work in progress (WIP) and a close-up of the face. Side views should be complete side views, not off-center frontal views.
  5. Finally, “Best View” is your choice, the view that best represents your work and will be used in advertising (This photo shows best with portrait layout. Taller than wide.).


There are two steps to entering an online Member show. We created this visual guide to assist and avoid confusion.

Step 1: Register Your Sculpture

Before you can enter your sculpture into a show, a Registry# will be required (for paying members only). How do you get one? Simply register your sculpture in our Registry by clicking here. You’ll be taken to the registry form, you’ll fill it out, submit it and send a message to Deb to send you your registry# so you can put it into the show entry form. If you are not a paying member and you just paid the $15.00 entry fee you do NOT need a Registry#. In the “Registry#” field in the form below, simply type “Non-Member” to be able to proceed.

Step 2: Submit Your Show Entry

After Deb provides you with your entry Registry# you can fill out the show entry form below.  If you have any issues or questions about the Show or your entry, please contact our Administrator, Fredo Hernandez, as he’s in charge of show entries.

Show Entry Form (non-members)

STEP 1: In order to participate in any of our public shows you must first register for the specific show you’re interested in. Click on the desired show below to register for that show first, once complete, come back here to submit your entry. If you don’t register your entry will not be accepted, so don’t loose out. See you soon!

STEP 2: Submit Your Entry

Step 1 of 3

Show Information

Have you read the Show Rules ( and understand that not following the guidelines may result in disqualification? If you answer "No" your entry will not be considered/submitted to the show.