Deb Wood
Deb WoodEnchanted Hearts

A “Heavenly” Track Record

  • Deb has been sculpting for 30+ years
  • Her work was reproduced into a nationwide gift line (“Happy Habits, Li’l Bits, Heaven Sent Angels”)
  • She has taught live sculpting seminars across the nation
  • Her work has been featured on television
  • Her work has been featured in news articles
  • Her work has been featured in magazines
  • Her work has been featured in advertisements & labeling for polymer clay
  • Her work has been featured on home shopping networks
  • She has been the featured cover artist on Doll Reader
  • She has written many instructional articles for companies & publications
  • She has conducted product testing & development for major companies
  • She was a featured instructor for

Why Deb Creates

“To bring into existence these tiny beings. This stirs in me gentle, comforting thoughts of long ago. It is a nurturing process and certainly the most satisfying. Whether it’s a memory of my own childhood conjured up, or perhaps fond recollections of my children’s youthful days, this practice of sculpting figures, dressing them, attending to every detail… it’s like being a child and ‘playing house’ all over again! To be able to do this and have it appreciated by others, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that. This intrinsic act of creating a figure, then watching the expression on the face of the viewer, or to hear the heartfelt comments of that one special person who ultimately takes this sculpture for their own collection, it is this exchange that spiritually intertwines me with that person. The cycle is complete and I am free to move on; to create again. And yes, life is good.”