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How can I view my registered dolls?2022-01-15T09:03:41-08:00

Go to the Art Doll Registry and click on the search icon in the upper right corner of the registry. Select the checkboxes for “” and type your full name as well as “” Then click Search and you should see all your registered dolls.

My sculpture for the show has “Non-Compete, prior 20XX Winner” under it. Why?2022-01-15T09:04:37-08:00

You are participating, but you can only win one time per year, and you won in a show earlier this year. So you move to the next higher skill level, that’s correct, but you can’t win again until next year. Your winning entry from the previous show will now be in the running for the year end awards, Best in Show!

Entering the shows are a good opportunity to still work hard, and great exposure to show your work because the shows get a lot of interest and attention on the internet and on the site too. We do gather comments from the judges though on the pieces that can’t be scored and are happy to share those comments with the members. It’s like mini critiques from the judges.

Q: It would be nice if each person who enters the shows has in their email the results of the show and also the scores and comments they get from the judges. 

A: The scores and the comments are not sent automatically to the entrants of the shows, but these results are available to anyone who requests them. We are happy to send out the comments by the judges (not all of the judges do leave comments but most do) and we can share these in an email. The judges comments are anonymous.

How do I decide what level I should enter a show? Can I change levels voluntarily?2022-01-15T09:05:51-08:00

You may enter a show at whichever level you feel comfortable. You should fairly evaluate your own skill level. However, after a member wins at one level, they are required to enter the next higher level in the next show.

Our Novice level is for people who are newer to sculpting. Any member can enter at any level they wish, however. If, after entering at Novice someone newer to sculpting feels their work would be better suited for one of the other levels, they are free to enter the next show at another level. We leave this up to the discretion of each member. Unless as Admin I can see that someone should clearly be in a different level than the one they entered, we don’t determine levels for the artist, they do that for themselves.

The Intermediate level was added this year for those who won at Novice but might not be ready to compete at Advanced. Any member may enter at Intermediate if they wish- unless they have won that level in the past. Then they have to enter the Advanced level of the Show.

Can we enter a Commission in a Member Show?2020-07-09T10:25:57-07:00

Yes, as long as you have that piece in your possession when you enter it in the show and the subject fits our show theme. After that, you are free to release the Commission to the buyer.

My guess is this question came up because typically a Commission involves a down payment or some other agreement to pay. Since our rules say NEW/UNSOLD I can understand how this question arose. A Commission is rarely paid for in full up front, so technically the piece is not considered SOLD until the customer is happy and payment is in full, which is after the piece is done and delivered. So we can allow a Commission in the show as long as the piece is current and the artist still has the piece in their possession; even though there is an agreement in place to purchase the piece from the Artist. After all, in an ideal world, ALL our work would be considered sold, yes? Hopefully and optimistically.

What is the best way to sell my work?2020-07-09T10:22:51-07:00

The best way to sell your work is to just get ‘out there’. If you have local venues, like craft shows or small art fairs, do those first. Usually getting a table at a venue like this is not expensive. This way you get out into the public and meeting collectors and buyers face is face is invaluable. You get to see their reaction to your work, you get to talk with them and you will learn lots about what you have, where you need to improve, what your strong points are. Their feedback will give you the incentive to get going further.

The next step would be to set up a blog or website and put your work on there. This way you can use social media sources to further promote your work- Twitter, Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn, Blogspot.com, all are ways to network and get your work out on the net. Websites are a little more cumbersome to keep updated, but your Facebook page, or your Blog can be updated easily. Keep things fresh and you’ll be surprised!

You can also use direct sales by embedding a Paypal button right in your pages. Go to Paypal.com and follow Selling Tools to Create Payment Buttons for your Website for more information.

Can I register a doll that I made from a kit?2022-01-15T09:10:17-08:00

In the past we have not allowed dolls made from molds. However, with the popularity of the BJD’s, etc, we will allow these wonderful dolls to the Registry. You may register the first in your series, and then use your own numbering system to assign numbers to additional derivative figures from the first in the series of they are very similar to the first.  If they are quite different and unique, then they also will be allowed to be registered.

OOAK baby dolls are certainly welcome to be registered.

Reborn dolls are now allowed to be registered with us and they have their own Registry here! Register Your Reborn Here.

I forgot my login ID/password. Help!2022-01-15T09:22:32-08:00

How do I register a doll?2022-01-15T09:36:02-08:00

To register a doll for the Registry, follow these steps…

Fill out the form on that page and click on the “Submit Your Doll(s)” button. Dolls are assigned registration numbers and uploaded to the Registry in approximately 1-3 days so keep checking the registry until you see your doll show up.

I just joined and am interested in the free tutorials you have. Where can I find them?2022-01-15T09:42:04-08:00

Non-Member FAQs

Well, first and foremost, our website is an online art doll registry, the only one of it’s kind. This means that members can upload photos of their work, along with the name of the piece, and they are entered into the Registry, assigning a unique number for each one; as part of a permanent record. They are also shown on the website and that part of the site is open to the public, so it is an online gallery of sorts that is picked up by the internet search engines. The Registry provides a permanent record for each piece that is registered. This gives a professional touch to your work, along with the fact that it identifies it as yours and the year it was created, should there ever be any question about that.

But our group has evolved into so much more than that, we also have lots of information on the site, how-to’s, tutorials that are free for members, Artist Reference section, links for sources for materials, etc. Our President Emeritus, Deb Wood, conducts online classes here also, most have a cost, but she does discount those over what she charges for the classes elsewhere; this helps defray some of the membership fees for members. We have 3 online shows a year, with areas for novice, intermediate, advanced & professional levels for our members to participate in. This makes it possible for all skill levels to enter. It’s a great experience and helps us work to improve our skills. There is a $25.00 cash award for the winners from each category in each show. Those show winners go on to compete in the year end awards.

Regarding the Year End Awards: Members can nominate whomever they wish (from our active membership) for Artist of the Year, Doll of the Year, Best in Shows (The winners from the shows mentioned above) Rising Star (a newcomer to the art form) as well as other awards. These awards go to members who are selected BY our members so it truly is a peer group recognition. Also, a Newsletter is sent out to keep members informed on what’s happening within the group. We have a wonderful, world wide network of artists, from the beginner to the most professional,  who are helpful and very giving. We are very proud of our group!

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